Digital Manufacturing Engineering

Our full spectrum digital manufacturing services encompass layout, process planning, plant simulation, throughput optimization, robotics and automation simulation, ergonomics and virtual commissioning. We provide you deep insights into your manufacturing plant performance right on the digital field so that you have superior outcomes on the factory floor with faster flawless commissioning and minimal downtime.

Digital Manufacturing Services

Process Engineering

Leverage our domain expertise for process validation, equipment selection and material routing to optimize cycle time

Digital Plant Layout

Build on our expertise to create 3D plant layouts, design work cells and exploit NextGen technologies to streamline plant logistics

Process Simulation

We undertake ergonomics simulations for human factors and maximize throughput leveraging robotic simulations

Virtual Manufacturing

Capitalize on our virtual commissioning experience in digital environments to optimize performance and costs

Smart Plant Enablement

Smart enable your legacy plants by leveraging our domain expertise and experience in NextGen technologies

Methods Development

Expand the possibilities with our bespoke digital methods tailored specifically for your manufacturing requirements

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