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It’s hard to imagine an industry with greater complexity – or greater demands – than the oil, gas and chemical industry. As dwindling reserves force companies to operate in remote and even possible hostile environments, the high cost and difficulty of extracting energy is steadily increasing. 


We are experts in low-cost, extremely effective LNG onshore and offshore infrastructure, as well as gas processing and compression systems. In greenfield and brownfield projects for the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas industries, we have a wealth of product and process experience. Our designs meet or surpass strict international regulatory standards.

TYZER Technologies offers flexible design solutions at an optimum cost and faster turnaround time that help our customers meet their business objectives consistently and cost-effectively. We enable oil and gas organizations to harness data analytics, IoT, and asset health monitoring for powerful insights across key business areas to increase operational safety, productivity, and reliability while reducing costs and environmental impact.


We have extensive domain expertise in the power sector, and we collaborate with power plant owners, power generation companies, and EPCs to significantly improve their operations, equipment performance and asset utilization. We offer multidisciplinary plant engineering, asset management, and connected equipment solutions to the power industry.

We deliver our expertise through all project phases including feasibility, FEED, basic and detail engineering, site services and as-built engineering. We empower our customers in their digital transformation journey with our expertise in automation, cybersecurity, remote monitoring and predictive analytics to substantially impact business outcomes through improved performance, reliability, and safety.


We have extensive understanding of industrial processes and regulations which enables us to ensure safety, sustainability and efficiency in production plants. We leverage our substantial global experience in pharma, chemicals, pulp and paper, fertilizers and steel manufacturing plants to provide significant value to our customers .

Our proven global experience includes all disciplines and all phases of process plant engineering including civil and structural engineering, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, control automation, IoT, analytics, digital twins and qualification documentation.

WATER Technologies

We provide solutions for water technologies from concept to development. We have specialized knowledge and substantial experience in ultra-pure water treatment for semiconductor plants worldwide. We are also proficient in raw water treatment, RO/DM plant and wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, potable and service water plants.

We provide a variety of services to our customers including preparation of water balance diagrams, metallic and non-metallic piping design, equipment modeling, electrical and instrumentation design, civil and structural design and preparation of installation manuals.


We have significant competencies in the renewable sector including solar power plants, wind turbine power plants and battery storage units.

Our global teams have extensive experience in civil and structural engineering, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, control automation, IoT, analytics, digital twins and as-built engineering.

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