Design and Development

We are engineering and Technology-based consulting & sourcing services and system integration company, having 12 years of experience in design engineering & commercial solutions for wide range of industries. To solve complex and challenging problems, we combine skills from multiple disciplines, drawing upon experience gained in one sector to benefit another.

Design and Development

We are engineering and Technology-based consulting & sourcing services and system integration company, having 12 years of experience in design engineering & commercial solutions for wide range of industries. To solve complex and challenging problems, we combine skills from multiple disciplines, drawing upon experience gained in one sector to benefit another.We make sure that your ideas are transformed into a genuine Design. Our assistance does not just stop with design, we prototype real time, support your production design & manufacturing and marketing along with after sales needs. Our skilled designers and mechanical engineers work in collaboration with experts in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial and Software engineering. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to retain control of the entire project and turn brilliant ideas into practical reality.

At Tyzertech we support, new product development initiatives, product modification to fulfill new orders, various improvement initiatives for products in service, investigate problems, and suggest alternative design solutions. Tyzertech’s design solutions have helped OEMs to reduce Cost and Weight while improving performance of products, resolve high field failures, use better material and optimize manufacturing process. Our service focus in design and development; Techtech has mechanical product design expertise in aircraft structure and systems, automobile body and power trains, drilling equipment for oil and gas, industrial products, rotating equipment and rail locomotives and rolling stock, and medical equipment.

  • Design and Development: Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) comprising multiple disciplines driving end-to-end design of components, sub-assemblies & systems
  • Detail Engineering: Create / update 3D models and deliver fully checked manufacturing & assembly drawings, Model Based Definitions (MBD) – 3D models with PMI
  • Engineering Change Management: End-to-end engineering change process administration & governance
  • Non-Conformance Management: Complete solution to ensure speedy disposition & reduction of manufacturing non-conformances
  • Cost Engineering: Turnkey solution to drive product cost reduction through a structured approach incorporating Value Engineering and DFX

Services Offering:

For any organization, innovation is the heart that keeps them in a distinctive place from its competitors. Recent studies say that the organizations that constantly innovate their products are thrice likely to retain their customer base and have the leverage advantage in the market. Also, it is important to follow a set of process for product design and manufacturing.
We follow DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) approach to create our products. All our products are designed and prototypes are developed in such a way that they are made for Manufacturability.
We at TYZERTech, work with latest 3D modelling software and equipped with modern prototyping facilities like 3D printing and metal injection moulding to ensure faster and cost-effective solutions.

Our Services Include:

  • Conceptual sketching
  • 3D modelling
  • CLASS-A and CLASS-B surfacing and styling
  • Prototyping
  • CAD simulation and analysis
  • Interior and exterior trims designing
  • Consumer product designing

We at TYZERTech specialized in designing of BIW fixtures for Automotive OEMs, TIER-1 and Tier-2 industries. With experienced technical team who has more than 12 years of average experience in BIW Fixture Design and manufacturing. With this TYZERTech is able to deliver cost-effective BIW Fixture design, manufacturing solutions. We are also capable of doing the process simulation with the simulation software’s. We have design engineers, supported by quality control and equipped latest design software’s in place to provide our customers with timely delivery.
TYZERTech has experience in working with cross-functional teams. Also has the experience of working with domestic and overseas customers.

Some of the fixtures designed by us:-

  • Geo Fixtures
  • Re-spot Fixtures
  • Geo Grippers
  • Handling Grippers
  • Panel Deposits
  • Checking fixtures
  • Inspection gauges
  • Tackles
  • Storage bins and racks

We also create flame cut and 2D drawings for the manufacturing including BOM (Bill of Materials).

For any industry, the use of special purpose machines is very much important to address the product specific needs, productivity improvement and reduction of cycle time.

The range of SPMs designed by TYZERTech are:

  • Test Rigs
  • Leak checking stations.
  • Gauging stations
  • Assembly aids
  • Special-purpose machining stations
  • Special-purpose jigs
  • Bending SPMs

Our range of material handling equipment’s:

  • Grippers for automotive process lines and electronic systems
  • Construction equipment handling systems
  • Paint shops and surface coating handling systems
  • Off-highway equipment assembly aids.

The assembly lines designed by TYZERTech were made with several features including:

  • Flexible enough to change the products.
  • Robust enough for better build quality.
  • Efficient enough to operate with lesser lead time.
  • Sophisticated enough to utilize technology.

We at TYZERTech as a complete system integrator deploy these solutions. Keeping the futuristic challenges in mind we at TYZERTech uses our unique 3D ( Design, Deploy, Development) approach to ensure our customer to achieve all the above criteria’s.

Assembly lines are ready for industry 4.0 with integration of IOT sensors that gives the end user a complete competitive advantage over its competitors.

To achieve customer satisfaction for any product and to ensure its quality maintained retained the packaging plays a key role.
We at TYZERTech, strive hard to provide our customers with packaging solutions for different sectors such as auto, non-auto, electronics, food processing and pharmaceuticals.
All our lines come with state of the art IOT integrated packaging solutions that allow our customers to achieve maximum efficiency out of the system and reduced manpower utilization.

We offer a range of design services:-

  • Product modelling
  • New product concept designing
  • 3D modelling from 2D drawings
  • 2D drafting
  • 3D mould and press tool design
  • Part modelling
  • Part simulation and analysis
  • 3D to 2D conversion
  • 3D cad modelling for manufacturing plants

Reverse engineering in other words back engineering is the process of de-constructing the existing process or product to understand the design and technical aspects.
The application of reverse engineering includes product modification, upgradation and documentation and maintain legacy systems. It is also used to understand the problems in the existing product.
We at TYZERTech partnered with some of the best products and tooling manufacturers to provide our customers with the best possible solutions in reverse engineering. All our reverse engineering methods follow PDCA cycle (plan do check act) to make sure that the product cycle times are as less possible.

One of the key changes that are going on in the world is the infrastructure development. Off-highway, construction and transport equipment plays a pivotal role in the same. Most of the companies now concentrating cost-effective yet rugged vehicles to deliver those solutions.
Power train is the key system in any vehicle that delivers power to the engine. Due to the increased complexity of vehicle design with interconnecting systems like engine, transmission, electric motors, battery and vehicle control systems it has become a very competitive job to design power train that matches with requirements.
We at TYZERTech has a dedicated team with more than 12 years of average experience for the design of off-highway and power train design solutions to our customers.
Our solutions for off high way and power train design:


  • Off-highway equipment
  • Construction & Forestry equipment
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Agricultural Equipment

Following domains in above:
– Structures (Thin sheet, Thick sheet, Heavy, weight reduction)
– Hydraulics (Circuits, routing, component selection, fittings, hose/tube sizing)


  • Aggregate selection/integration
  • Emission control technology adoption
  • Performance evaluation
  • Routing of air intake, exhaust system, cooling system and fuel circuit.
  • Engine accelerator/stopping arrangement.
  • Concept Design and Refinement
  • Benchmark Competitor’s Product
  • Conceptual Ideation & 3D Modelling
  • Existing Product – Parametric Study & Optimization
  • Existing Product – Diagnostics & Value Analysis & Value Engineering
  • Product innovation& Detail Design
  • Design Validation & Analyses
  • Pre-production Build Testing
  • Multibody Dynamics Kinematics Simulation
  • Rapid Prototyping & Testing
  • Digital Prototyping
  • Functional Prototypes& Testing
  • Technical Feasibility study
  • Production/Quality support
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Vibration Simulation
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Assembly Line setup Instructions
  • Product Rendering & Animation
  • 3D CAD Modelling, Drafting and Detailing
  • Configuration & Assembly
  • Continuous Product Development
  • Digital Mock-Up (DMU)
  • Stack-up Analysis
  • Design Automation
  • Homologation
  • Legacy Conversion / Migration
  • Configuration Management
  • System Engineering
  • Piping, Tubing and Electrical wiring – Drawings & Schematics
  • Design Optimization and Sensitivity Studies
  • Value Engineering

Highly skilled in Design

Frequently our product design process starts with a simple sentence – just the outline of an embryonic idea, from this we develop a functional design that can be economically produced within a given timescale. Right from the start of a project we will consider the final production process with minimal wastage of manufacturing resources.

Expert Value Engineers

We have successfully helped many clients over the years refine and improve the design for existing products. Our Value Analysis & Value Engineering process delivers practical ways to improve products by analysing functionality, performance and manufacturing processes to reduce production costs and maximize profitability.

Delivering Practical Design Solutions

Through design engineering excellence and skillful differentiation, we deliver competitive products that successfully meet our clients’ commercial goals. We offer a broad range of skills to provide a full solution from product design, through development to implementation and ongoing software support.

Turning Brilliant Ideas Into Commercial Reality

We design products with a high degree of functionality, using innovative designs so that your product can be produced and available to your chosen market quickly and economically. We take great pride in what we do and enjoy the challenge of creating a tangible product from someone else’s idea and turn it into reality.

Design Experience

Led by proven engineers with a decade of experience, our product realization team comprises some of the most talented product designers with experience in design engineering as well as mechanical engineering. This allows us to incorporate a high degree of functionality into our product designs, without compromising on the form. We are committed to achieving the best possible commercial results for our clients and this remains at the heart of everything we do.

Design for Production

Even from the outset of our product design process we will assess the commercial feasibility of your product by reviewing the commercial context and competition. Using this knowledge, coupled with our many years of experience, we will seek to develop a design for production.

Our product realization team includes all the resources and skills you could ask for to turn your idea into a brilliant product. We are fortunate to have a talented team whose skills can be combined according to your project

As A Trusted Partner, you can depend on TYZER to provide outstanding value to your organization in all areas of World-Class Technology, Expertise & Consulting.

We will help you Embrace and shape the future

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