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The research and development has never been as active as it is today. In fact, the sector is experiencing one of the largest innovative technology transitions in the history of all industries, and not just through one technology, but through multiple technologies in a very short period.


The automobile sector has given TYZER Technologies credibility. Together, we worked to understand the client’s needs and build the solutions in accordance with their expectations. The range of our initiatives, which involve working with OEMs and their suppliers, is broad and includes executive briefings, process optimization, and technology optimization.

The eagerness of the entire auto OEM is that nobody knows in which direction this disruptive technology trend is moving, and very importantly, they are also unable to decide in which direction they should be moving, so that they can keep their business intact and growing.


Off-highway vehicles are benefiting from advancements in the automotive sector in the areas of connectivity, shared mobility, and autonomous navigation. With the aid of our unique solutions and extensive subject-matter knowledge, we assist our clients in achieving these goals. We aim to provide solutions that are efficient, economical, and sustainable through our engineering services.

Off-highway vehicles are capitalizing on innovations in the automotive industry in the areas of autonomous navigation, connectivity and shared mobility. We help our customers achieve these objectives with our proprietary solutions and deep domain expertise. 


In order to deliver agility, flexibility, and interactivity while lowering costs, the old asset-intensive global rail industry is undergoing a renaissance. This is being facilitated by the use of digital automation, smart enablement, and data analytics. With our cutting-edge digital solutions, we enable OEMs and operators to accomplish these goals and enhance safety, dependability, connectivity, and efficiency.


The consumer products & electronics industry is wide and varied including the sub-sectors within the industry. Opportunities exist for both large and small companies across the spectrum of sub-sectors that make up the consumer products landscape. Because the market is broad and open, the typical consumer is receptive to both domes.


Industrial OEMs are being pushed to adopt digital innovation in order to overcome these issues and acquire a competitive edge in the global market through the constant quest for performance improvement, rapid cost savings, and product localization. We are uniquely suited to address these difficulties due to our in-depth domain knowledge of the industrial sector and our proficiency with digital technology.


TYZER Technologies offers holistic system engineering support across the design, build, and maintenance phases of the product life cycle. As your trusted engineering and technology solutions provider, our team delivers capabilities including development, value analysis, design-to-build, re-engineering, and aftermarket services. Essential success factors include increased productivity, process stability, end-to-end data chains, speed, agility, and cybersecurity. A digital roadmap, cost analysis, and robust team support ensure sustained success.


Our manufacturing services are divided into three categories viz. Production engineering, Quality Documentation, and Supply Chain. Our production engineering services mainly concentrate on digital manufacturing and process engineering for both Assembly and manufacturing. Our quality engineering services would include quality certification support and documentation. And, our supply chain services mainly include online throughput optimization, value stream mapping, pull system and should cost.

We lead as a Manufacturing System Integrator Company having several Associates in Manufacturing and fabrication to support its clients across the US, Europe, Asia, Far & the Middle East. 

Software Platform

At TYZER Technologies, we believe that innovation is the key to success. Our platform engineering solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure, revolutionizing your operations and transforming your business like any other SaaS product. With turnkey solutions, we deliver the competitive edge that keeps your business ahead in today’s dynamic marketplace. Our software engineering solutions empower you to streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and eliminate bottlenecks, allowing your teams to focus on what truly matters – driving growth, fostering innovation, and delivering exceptional products and services to your customers.


We are experts in low-cost, extremely effective LNG onshore and offshore infrastructure, as well as gas processing and compression systems. In greenfield and brownfield projects for the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas industries, we have a wealth of product and process experience. Our designs meet or surpass strict international regulatory standards.

TYZER Technologies offers flexible design solutions at an optimum cost and faster turnaround time that help our customers meet their business objectives consistently and cost-effectively. We enable oil and gas organizations to harness data analytics, IoT, and asset health monitoring for powerful insights across key business areas to increase operational safety, productivity, and reliability while reducing costs and environmental impact.


We have extensive domain expertise in the power sector, and we collaborate with power plant owners, power generation companies, and EPCs to significantly improve their operations, equipment performance and asset utilization. We offer multidisciplinary plant engineering, asset management, and connected equipment solutions to the power industry.

We deliver our expertise through all project phases including feasibility, FEED, basic and detail engineering, site services and as-built engineering. We empower our customers in their digital transformation journey with our expertise in automation, cybersecurity, remote monitoring and predictive analytics to substantially impact business outcomes through improved performance, reliability, and safety.


We have extensive understanding of industrial processes and regulations which enables us to ensure safety, sustainability and efficiency in production plants. We leverage our substantial global experience in pharma, chemicals, pulp and paper, fertilizers and steel manufacturing plants to provide significant value to our customers .

Our proven global experience includes all disciplines and all phases of process plant engineering including civil and structural engineering, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, control automation, IoT, analytics, digital twins and qualification documentation.

WATER Technologies

We provide solutions for water technologies from concept to development. We have specialized knowledge and substantial experience in ultra-pure water treatment for semiconductor plants worldwide. We are also proficient in raw water treatment, RO/DM plant and wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, potable and service water plants.

We provide a variety of services to our customers including preparation of water balance diagrams, metallic and non-metallic piping design, equipment modeling, electrical and instrumentation design, civil and structural design and preparation of installation manuals.


We have significant competencies in the renewable sector including solar power plants, wind turbine power plants and battery storage units.

Our global teams have extensive experience in civil and structural engineering, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, control automation, IoT, analytics, digital twins and as-built engineering.


TYZER Technologies is a medical device engineering services company specializing in providing innovative and cost-effective contract resources and deliverables with a core focus on customer satisfaction. Our expertise extends to the areas of Orthopaedics, Radiology, Pathology, Otology, Spine, Trauma, ENT, Remote Monitoring Systems, IoT Gateways, Embedded electronics, Emergency Care, and Single-Use Devices.

Our best-in-class team of engineers and designers possess extensive medical industry experience and have a keen understanding of the challenges faced by modern medical device companies. This understanding helps us in providing customized solutions.


We provide offshore/subaerial structure design services, including jacket design, top-side structure, and subaerial bottom buoy. Manifold, subsea diffuser system, and subsea steel sleeper. Our team is capable of carrying out pipe design by determining the necessary wall thickness through accurate stress analysis.


OEMs are utilising the most up-to-date computing, connectivity, collaboration, and analytics technologies to boost operational effectiveness, guarantee future readiness, and address a variety of difficulties in the global marketplace.  Our expertise in the industry covers a wide range of skills, including design, manufacturing engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of Things (IoT), and big data.


The healthcare market is driven by four major trends. (a) Ageing population expecting good quality of life, even for high ages, despite the emergence of new elderly specific pathologies. As old people often suffer from chronic diseases but nevertheless want to stay home, for comfort and cost reasons, remote monitoring will be become standard. (b) Cost of healthcare increased very rapidly during the last two decades making healthcare unaffordable for many. Reducing the cost of existing products and services or developing cheaper alternatives is a ‘Must Do’ for all medical and pharmaceutical organizations. (c) Ageing population, demand to address any, even rare, pathologies and excessive cost of healthcare are strong pressures for continuous innovation towards new possibly disruptive technologies. (d) To maximize safety of any new treatment or solution, regulations are becoming extremely demanding to demonstrate the patient would never be endangered. Meeting regulation criteria is an increasingly long and costly process.


TYZER Technologies expertise with platforms, boards, embedded software applications, and product ecosystem help companies maximize productivity, reduce engineering costs, and improve TTM (Time to Market). 

Smarter, Faster, and Smaller are placing higher demands on semiconductors. Semiconductors such as processors and memory chips are prerequisites for any endeavours in emerging technologies. We help companies to increase the productivity of their characterization, and validation tests through a suite of tools and platforms. We have expertise with simulators, debugging tools, formal verifiers, and hardware accelerators from all the major EDA tool suppliers.


TYZER Technologies is a global engineering services company specializing in providing innovative and cost-effective deliverables with a core focus on customer satisfaction. Aerospace and Defence are among our industry concentrations where we have expertise in mechanical, embedded systems, software development, and testing with a core focus on niche technologies. Our best-in-class team of engineers and designers possess extensive experience and have a keen understanding of the challenges faced by modern Defence and Aerospace companies. This understanding helps us in providing customized solutions to address the diverse needs of our customers.

Innovative technologies coupled with advancements in materials have made the aerospace industry the most advanced in the engineering field. We work on a full-service model starting from product development design, shop-floor practices, and manufacturing execution to assembly operations. The Aerospace and Defence industry relies on “Right First Time” in their processes starting from concepts to product launch.

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