Embedded Systems

Unleash The Power Of Our Know-How In Electronics Design,
Firmware And Next Gen Technologies


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The future of product development across industry verticals is being driven by autonomy, electrification, connectivity, IoT, data analytics and AI. Reimagine your future with our proven track record in empowering over 40 Fortune 500 companies from Board-To-Cloud. We will closely collaborate with you to give life to your vision for future-ready products by leveraging our substantial experience in electronics design, DSPs, firmware and OS/RTOS. Rest assured, our thought leaders and technical team are always aligned with your strategic roadmap and operational metrics.

New Product Development

Our proven domain expertise across industries and scale help you realize your future products in the shortest time

Board Development

Leverage our holistic experience in multi-core, multi-processor designs, PCB layout, wireless and lean battery-operated designs and peripheral devices support

Modeling and Simulation

We develop virtual models and algorithms for rapid prototyping, verification and validation to improve performance and substantially reduce costs

IoT and Analytics

We support diverse industries with IOT development including custom hardware, communication stacks and certification testing and augment this with proprietary state-of-the-art data analytics

Digital Twins

Our proprietary stack of sensor engine, AI driven digital twin systems, insight delivery and visualization will empower you with the state-of-the-art predictive maintenance solutions

NextGen Technologies

Our substantial experience in diverse industries and our multi-dimensional expertise encompassing IOT, AI, ML, Machine Vision and AR/VR will fast track you on your Industry 4.0 roadmap


Rich experience

Experience since 2009 with a sharp focus only on CAE Solutions and Services

CAE Ownership

Seamless Integration of Multi-Physics, Technology and Systems know-how under one roof


We offer method development and CAE automation

Cost Competent

Being a Lean organization, value is at the core of every pricing decision


We offer smooth services by providing required manpower as per customer’s requirements


We offer various flexible models and ensure quick response time

As A Trusted Partner, you can depend on TYZER to provide outstanding value to your organization in all areas of World-Class Technology, Expertise & Consulting.

We will help you Embrace and shape the future

Come collaborate with us and TYZER will support you in all areas.

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