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Industrial products are getting commoditized increasingly and OEMs and Tier-I suppliers are looking ways to create differentiation to remain competitive in market. They want partners to help them with adoption of new technologies, feature addition, modular approach, shorter development windows, and meet localization needs to stay cost competitive.


Industrial OEMs are being pushed to adopt digital innovation in order to overcome these issues and acquire a competitive edge in the global market through the constant quest for performance improvement, rapid cost savings, and product localization. We are uniquely suited to address these difficulties due to our in-depth domain knowledge of the industrial sector and our proficiency with digital technology.


TYZER Technologies offers holistic system engineering support across the design, build, and maintenance phases of the product life cycle. As your trusted engineering and technology solutions provider, our team delivers capabilities including development, value analysis, design-to-build, re-engineering, and aftermarket services. Essential success factors include increased productivity, process stability, end-to-end data chains, speed, agility, and cybersecurity. A digital roadmap, cost analysis, and robust team support ensure sustained success.


Our manufacturing services are divided into three categories viz. Production engineering, Quality Documentation, and Supply Chain. Our production engineering services mainly concentrate on digital manufacturing and process engineering for both Assembly and manufacturing. Our quality engineering services would include quality certification support and documentation. And, our supply chain services mainly include online throughput optimization, value stream mapping, pull system and should cost.

We lead as a Manufacturing System Integrator Company having several Associates in Manufacturing and fabrication to support its clients across the US, Europe, Asia, Far & the Middle East. 

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