Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing-as-a-service Platform

Your One-Stop Sourcing Solution for all manufacturing requirements from Prototyping to batch production 

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Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing-as-a-Service Platform

Your One-Stop Sourcing Solution for all manufacturing requirements from Prototyping to Batch Production

Massive Mfg. Partner Network I Quick Quotation I Fastest Delivery

Our strong engineering and design capabilities are complemented with extensive manufacturing eco-system. Customers can leverage these capabilities for their benefit.

  • CNC Machining
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • 3D Printing
  • Injection Molding
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Casting & Forging

Services Offering:

CNC Milling – We offer CNC milling with 3-Axis and 4-Axis machines for plastics and metal. With standard raw material block readily available with us, our average turnaround time is less than 4 days. Milling parts may have visible tool marks that are later post processed depending on required tolerance and finishes. 

CNC Turning – We offer CNC Turning services across diameter upto 20 cm. It is primatily used to machine bars of material which are held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material to create the profile. We also use CNC lathe to create fixtures like Axial/Radial Holes, Grooves, Threads, Slots etc.

If you can draw it. We can Cut it.

Sheet metal fabrication is our core expertise area. With sheet metal fabrication, we manufacture parts like enclosures, chassis, brackets, clampsetc for application across medical, automotive, aerospace, power equipments, Special purpose machine manufacturers and many more.

We are industry leader for one—stop sheet metal fabrication and we offer manufacturing in 25+ materails. We undertake custom material requests as well with tight tolerances and one-off requirements. With Chizel’s sheet metal service, you get cost-effective one stop solution for all your needs. We take orders for part quantities ranging anywhere between one to few thousands. We run variety of fabrication processes like bending, punching, welding, etc with our cutting edge waterjet, laser and plasma cutting machines.

Our team of programmers will work with you to deliver exactly what you need – because we understand that precision and quality matters.

Processes Available:

  • Laser cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Bending & Punching
  • Welding
  • Special fixture based assembly

One of the most efficient production methods after 3D Printing is Metal injection moulding. Metal parts play a pivotal role in product as they are known for their strength and durability. When the design complexity involve features like internal holes and undercuts metal machining is always a very costly process.
Metal injection moulding bridges the gap between mass production and machine by producing the small metal parts in large quantities for the metal like zinc, stainless steel, titanium, etc.
We at Tyzertech tied up with one of the industry leaders in metal injection moulding to provide our customer complex and critical metal injection moulded parts.
The application of metal injection moulding includes:

  • Dental implants
  • Orthodontics
  • Valve industry
  • Aerospace component

At ROCKTech, we undertake manufacturing orders using injection molding(IM) process. With injection molding, we provide end-use plastic and rubber parts for volumes starting at 100 quantities. We undertake end-to-end projects from tool design, tool manufacturing and taking molded parts out of IM with quality inspection within committed timeline.

We have best tooling expertise for diverse molding processes including

  • Silicone molds : for 1-100 Qtys
  • Aluminium molds, mild steel and OHNS mold (a.k.a. soft tooling) : for 100 – 50K qty
  • Hardened steel molds (a.k.a. hard tooling) for 1Lac+ parts

We at Tyzertech have very good experience in design of body in white (BIW) fixtures. We are equipped with modern manufacturing facilities. We are capable of delivering cost-efficient and robust fixtures that meets all specifications of customers.

We manufacture fixtures for under-body, side body and closures etc. which includes:

  • Geo Fixtures
  • Geo Grippers
  • Hemming fixtures
  • Re-spot Fixtures
  • Handling Gripper
  • Panel Deposits
  • Checking fixtures
  • Tackles
  • Storage bins and racks

Tyzertech has the expertise in Design and manufacturing of plastic injection moulds and injection moulded parts. We provide the customer with total concept design, prototyping, injection mould manufacturing and plastic part production.
Equipped with modern tool room ranging from conventional machines to CNC machining centres and injection moulding machines ranging from 50 to 150 ton to give our customers end-to-end services.

For any organization, it is always to keep pace with the ever-changing customer needs. In order to make sure that they are in pace they have to constantly develop new products in smaller quantities. As they are unable to invest in mass production tooling we at Tyzertech address those needs of low volume production with the services like:

  • 3D printing
  • Metal injection moulding
  • CNC punch press
  • CNC bending etc
    We constantly innovate and bring new processes into our portfolio to deliver cost-effective solutions.

Specifically catering to the automobile industries, we provide our customers initial prototypes and sub-assemblies without doing capital investment in tooling. With the use of latest machinery and experienced team, we will able to provide our customers tool-less stamping and manufacturing solutions.

At Tyzertech, we have an experienced team and modern tool room facilities to design and develop tooling solutions for any industry.
Our range of tooling design and manufacturing services mainly include:

  • Jigs 
  • Fixtures
  • Injection moulding
  • Press tools
  • Special purpose tooling
  • Tooling for pharma industry
  • Gearboxes special purpose

 As a customer oriented firm, it has maintained its efficiency of scale and technical capabilities to compete the cut-throat competition across global markets.

Certain advantages that client’s receive through their association with TYZERTech are:

  • Cost Savings:Team at Tyzer Technologies Design and Development Center contemplates to roll out comparably efficient & qualitative outputs at a cost significantly less than R&D expenditures incurred in Fundamental Research of any large Corporate or MNC
  • Fast turnaround time:The Company maintains appreciable capability to offer a 24×7 services and visible reduction in turnaround times
  • Technology-cum-Intellectual Expertise: Indian brains are considered to be the best, in software and engineering, across the world. Software engineers, design engineers and other technical workforce at Sphinx not only possess domain expertise but also have holistic knowledge of products and processes
  • Integrated Service Provider: Tyzer Technologies will perform as an integrated service centre complementing and supplementing client’s existing facilities. The company has well-trained & retrained teams and also contemporary technology based machines. The design & development centres at Tyzer contemplate to roll out low cost, more efficient, and better quality services at a cost less than client’s current R&D expenditures
  • Confidentiality:The company not only gives due importance to Quality and Schedule, but also maintains a high level of Confidentiality concerning customer information, data etc. The management identifies different teams for each project, allocates them with adequate resources. Further the required orientation of the project, the standards to be maintained, the deliverables and very importantly security considerations are shared as required
  • Delivery:For TYZERTech the concept of meeting deliverables is not only about maintaining schedules of delivery and successful project-completion but, it means much more. Completion of project on time, within budget, in-line with client’s expectations and as per industry standards defines deliverable for Tyzer. As a part to this, the company accepts orders with penalty clauses, for better regulation
  • Client Focused:With a focus on overcoming the limits of time, budget and technology for clients, Tyzertech assists them in meeting technological lacuna. The technically advanced services offered aim at enabling client to meet organizational goals

Along with above shared competitive advantages, TYZERTech promises best-in-class Industry Standard Technology and Processes. Proven Execution Model and resources can also be scaled according to client’s requirements.

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