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CAD Training

There are many types of software available for CAD like AutoCAD,  CATIA, etc. However, it is not merely sufficient to learn CAD from colleges. The main problem with learning CAD from such institutes, especially in India, is that there is no real practical training that is given to students. Most of the times, when students graduate, they have only superficial knowledge of the subject. Of course, it is not the educational institutes that should be blamed. With a vast syllabus, they just cannot give thorough training to students.
There is another scenario. Most of the companies have now realized the importance of CAD in increasing their productivity. They buy complex CAD software and expect their employees to utilize the software effectively. However, sans training, even professionals cannot fully explore the potential of CAD. This creates an irony – companies spend a lot of money to ensure they have advanced designing tools, yet their most well trained engineers / drafters struggle to use the software to its full potential.

The Solution
Increasingly, there is a gap between the design prowess of new CAD software – be it CAD,  CATIA, Pro-E, Solid Edge, HyperMesh, Ansys etc. – and the students / professionals that are expected to use them. Yes, these software come with elaborate ‘help’ and ‘tutorials’, but as companies know by now, they just do not suffice. For them to gain maximize mileage from the expensive CAD software they have purchased, it is imperative to give CAD training to their employees. Training that is practical and utilitarian.  
This is the main reason why there is a need of a CAD training academy that imparts hands on training to students and professionals alike. In India, there are very few training institutes (like DesignTech CAD Academy) that have the know-how and years of relevant experience to really bridge the gap between demand and supply of CAD professionals. 

Choosing a CAD Training Institute
It is important to understand what constitutes a good CAD training institute. Apart from skilled and experience staff, it is important that a proper CAD institute should have:

1. Approval from leading CAD software companies
An approval from the people who have actually developed the CAD software establishes a trust factor. Their seal of approval is an important factor in establishing your career as a CAD professional

2. Licensed Software

Good training institutes always purchase licensed CAD software. This not only signifies their intent, but also ensures authentic support in case of any snags.

3. Trained Instructors
As it has been repeatedly mentioned, today’s CAD / CAM software is complex, and mastering them takes years of training. Good CAD training institutes have certified and experienced instructors.

4. Placement Assistance
Once the training is complete, good training institutes render all feasible assistance to help you secure a job.

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